tom_weldingTom Teesdale is one of America's most prolific bicycle frame builders. From his start in 1976 to now, 35 years later in 2011, he has built thousands of frames. Many of these bikes were built under contract from some of the most famous names in cycling, Gary Fisher, Marin, Dean and Kona to name just a few. For a complete chronology of Tom's work look here. Tom has expanded the reach of his own line of hand-built, custom bicycle frames to give you the opportunity to experience first hand what many people inside the bike industry already know, Tom Teesdale makes some of the best bike frames around. Recently, Tom began to produce a line of Trikes. Both Trike frame sets and complete Trikes with all components are available. The line includes Singles, Racers and Touring, Tandems or Expedition series. trikepagemn All bicycle frame materials used by Tom Teesdale are chosen to meet specific needs. Tell us your riding style and we can help you choose the ideal tube set for your next bike. A custom bike, hand-built by Tom Teesdale. You will find information on all the frames that Tom makes right here on this site. For those of you who requested a section with more pix, check this out.